Our Cool New Facebook App

If you are an UrbanZinger and have recently browsed through our website, you might have seen a little button on our business pages with the words “Checkin” written on it. This is our new Facebook checkin button, here to help you share your night out plans with your friends and family. If you click on the facebook checkin button, a window will appear, where you can put in the date and time you would visit a restaurant(or other business). Before posting it to your wall on Facebook, you can add a personal note to invite others, or just plain let others know where you would be.

The Checkin feature is a Facebook Only service, where our application on Facebook has been created to help you better manage your social life by sharing through our website. You can go visit any business at any time, and let people know about it through your Facebook account. Your friends and family might want to join in, or you might want to inform them informally via this service, or just plain let them about your whereabouts. It is a fun way to keep in touch with your friends on Facebook, and let others know about the places you have been to, or would be going, so that they could go there too and find out about a new place, or revisit an old one.

So Checkin with Facebook via urbanZing.com and share some fun with your friends and family!

Go to http://www.UrbanZing.com to start!


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