Holi Days!!!

Holi, one of the major festivals celebrated all over India has got different significances to it. It is celebrated during the last “purnima” or full moon of winter and hence it signifies the end of winter and start of spring. We also associate it with the appearance of Lord Vishnu to save Prahlad, a young boy, from her demonic aunt Holika. Also famous is a story of Lord Krishna holding a rasa leela at Brindavanam, which began the concept of Holi. The believers of Lord Chaitanya tell that these are the months of Gaura Purnima where Lord Chaitanya appeared.

Whichever legend you believe in, this is a lovely occasion to meet up your friends and family, and have a day full of fun and togetherness. Just stock up on the colors and the water balloons, and you will be just fine!

However, to ensure you have a safe Holi, try these little things.

Whether you are a man or a woman, long hair would always get you into trouble if you leave it loose. So keeping it tied up, and oiled with some form of oil would actually reduce the chances of the colors ruining your hair.

Putting some moisturizer or baby oil all over your body will ensure your body stays protected from colors too.

If you are thinking of playing Holi, here’s a chance to wear the unsuitable and boring clothes you have, which you intend to donate or throw away anyway. No one will notice the color of your clothes under the layers of color you will be liberally coated with.

Eating and drinking is fine, but make sure after drinking any kind of intoxicant you stay inside till it wears off. Venturing outside is not a good idea if you are intoxicated.

That’s all folks! Wishing a happy and safe Holi to you and your family!
-Team urbanZing


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