Top 5 Breakfast Drinks

When it comes to breakfast, most people tend to think about food, which of course is to be expected. Today I wanted to take a closer look at what people tend to drink while they’re eating their breakfast.

Most people choose what they’re going to drink with their breakfast meal once they’ve actually decided what they’re going to eat for breakfast. For example, drinking juice often goes hand-in-hand with a larger breakfast meal, like pancakes, or scrambled eggs and toast. A large healthy muffin is quite delicious with a cup of fresh ground, fresh brewed coffee. Milk and chocolate milk are two all-time favorites for kids (yes, this includes grownup kids), and goes perfectly with a bowl of cereal. Tea is often a favorite of those who like to eat something that’s both healthy and light for breakfast.

And last but not least, water. We all need to drink water, or at least water-based beverages throughout the day to keep our bodies hydrated. I used to drink juice full strength until I realized, 1. how many calories there are in juice, and 2. that sometimes juice upsets my stomach. Now I add water to my juices, which reduces the calories and is easier on my stomach. Sometimes it’s a 1 to 3 ratio (water to juice), and sometimes it’s half and half.

The following are some of the more popular breakfast beverages people like to drink with their breakfast:

1. Juice – There are lots of yummy juices to drink! Some of my favorites are orange juice, grapefruit juice (no sugar please!) and cranberry juice.

2. Coffee – There are so many different flavors of coffee, that one should never get bored of drinking coffee. In fact, most people tend to find a favorite, and stick with it.

3. Milk/Chocolate Milk – If you can, try to drink nonfat milk, which is healthier than whole milk. Also, goat milk is becoming more popular and comes with lots of healthy benefits, so it may be worth a try!

4. Tea – Green teas, black teas, white teas, flavored teas, and more. Drinking tea is more and more becoming the preferred drink when it comes to being healthy!

5. Water – Essential!

What’s your favorite beverage to drink for breakfast?

Laura Foor has a passion for food, and writes about healthy eating on her website 100 Healthy Breakfast Recipes. She volunteers at her local Farmer’s Market every week and loves to take pictures and write about the fresh, local foods available in her neighborhood.


Restaurants in mulund means a fine dining experience and value for money

The suburban neighbourhood of Mulund is located in the north-eastern side of Mumbai. A home to a cosmopolitan mix of people Mulund has a large number of residents. Mulund boasts of industrial factories, luxurious shopping malls, sophisticated apartment complexes and architectural landmarks. The people of Mulund love to tickle their taste buds with delectable dishes made of quality ingredients. There are a good number of restaurants in Mulund to cater to diverse choice of the people over here. While looking for a place for fine dining you can get plenty of options.
To make your search for good food all the more easy, many of the restaurants in Mulund are online these days. This means when you are not up to head for the restaurant, simply go online and search for your favourite dishes from the choicest restaurants and place order online. Ordering online you can simply relish all the delicious dishes right on your couch and share the joy of good food with your family and friends. You can also book a table online and have a romantic dinner out with your beloved and avoid the hassle of waiting at the queue.
One of the most sought after restaurants in Mulund, Little Avadh serves the Avadhi Cuisine in its earnest form. A mind-blowing range of North Indian and Tandoori dishes that include delicious Kakori Kabab, Gosht Boti Kabab, Murgh Shammi kabab, Murgh Seekh Kebab, Gosht Tawa Tikka, Paneer Tikka, Veg Makai Seekh Kabab, Veg Shammi Kabab and lot more are available here. Dum Gosht Biryani and Dum Murg Biryani served with raita are some of the best in the locality. Zaafrani Malai Phirni is an excellent dessert. You can order your favourite dishes from here online and get them at your doorstep.

Hotel Konkani Katta is the place where you can pamper your palate with authentic Chinese Food. Enjoy a peaceful and wholesome meal by choosing from the wide variety of soups, starters, rice, noodles and gravies in chicken, mutton and seafood. Hotel Konkani Katta is famed for offering high quality, delicious dishes in a cheerful ambience. To enjoy the best of everything simply order online and await a home delivery.
Whenever the residents of Mulund have pizza in their mind, it is nowhere else, but US Pizza, Vasanth Garden that they opt for. US Pizza means best quality, delicious pizzas made of fresh ingredients. The pizza enthusiasts of Mulund pamper their taste buds choosing from an assortment of pizzas according to their preferences from here.
One of the high-end restaurants in Mulund that can be a wonderful place for intimate dining is Pop Tate’s. Here you can spend a great evening with your partner in a wonderful ambience while relishing some exclusive European, Italian, Continental and Mexican delicacies. An assortment of wine and other drinks are there to make your time all the more colourful.
Pind Balluchi is a popular North Indian restaurant in Mulund that serves authentic dishes with excellent taste and flavour. When your tongue craves to taste the best of all cuisines like Chinese, North Indian and Mughlai, the multi cuisine restaurant Atithi can be an ideal choice.
A lovely evening with your favourite food delicacies from any of the restaurants in Mulund can be a delightful experience.

Sandeep Arora is a senior chef, working as the Chief Chef in the top hotels of India for twelve years now. He has written many articles on the restaurants in Mumbai. In this article he is providing us with some valuable information on and restaurants in mulund.

World Cup Party Recipes

Recipes and Drink Mixes

Here are some of our favorite easy drinks and snacks recipes for your World Cup Party. Try ’em out and have a blast!

-Team UrbanZing


Indian Glory
Mix one part of vodka with one part of blue Curacao and mix thoroughly. Pour in 2 parts ice cold soda and some ice. Serve with a slice of lemon. You can make this non-alcoholic by substituting one part sugar syrup.

Pakistan Punch
Mix together 1 part white rum with one part mango panna mixture and two parts ice cold water. Serve in a salt rimmed glass. Make this non-alcoholic by substituting one part Lemon for the white rum.

New Zealand Zest
Mix together one part of blackcurrant juice with one part of vodka. Add one part soda and top with ice. Serve with a sprig of mint on top. Make this non-alcoholic by substituting one part Lychee juice for the vodka.

Sri Lankan Spice
Dip a slice of chilli in one part of gin, and let it steep for 1 minute. Mix in one part orange juice and one teaspoon Tabasco sauce, and a pinch of salt. Rim a glass with sugar and lime and put ice inside it. Pour in the mixture and serve icy cold. This can be made non-alcoholic by substituting crushed ice for the gin.


Toasted Triangles
Cut plain white sliced bread in triangles. Toast them and spread cheese spread on them, and top with slices of hard boiled egg/cucumber and one slice of olive. Secure everything together with a toothpick, and dribble a drop of Tabasco sauce for that extra kick.

Fast Tempura
Make a batter with 3 tbs rice flour, 3 tbs cornstarch, ice cold water 1 teaspoon baking soda and a pinch of salt. Make sure the batter is not too thick or too thin. Heat a good quantity of oil to deep fry and keep the heat to medium. Now work fast, and chop up vegetable strips thinly, as well as pieces of chicken, or prawns. Put the item in the batter, and immediately lift up and fry it till its golden brown and delicious.
Serve with a mixture of soy sauce, shredded ginger and lime juice, and slices of chillies.

Plain Old Jhal Muri
Take a huge amount of muri, and mix it with any four of the following – finely sliced tomatoes, potaoes, onions, chillies, chanachur, bhujiya, cucumbers, cheetos, kurkure. Now mix in chaat masala to taste and squeeze in some lime juice and a few drops of mustard oil. A crowd pleaser any day.

Holi Days!!!

Holi, one of the major festivals celebrated all over India has got different significances to it. It is celebrated during the last “purnima” or full moon of winter and hence it signifies the end of winter and start of spring. We also associate it with the appearance of Lord Vishnu to save Prahlad, a young boy, from her demonic aunt Holika. Also famous is a story of Lord Krishna holding a rasa leela at Brindavanam, which began the concept of Holi. The believers of Lord Chaitanya tell that these are the months of Gaura Purnima where Lord Chaitanya appeared.

Whichever legend you believe in, this is a lovely occasion to meet up your friends and family, and have a day full of fun and togetherness. Just stock up on the colors and the water balloons, and you will be just fine!

However, to ensure you have a safe Holi, try these little things.

Whether you are a man or a woman, long hair would always get you into trouble if you leave it loose. So keeping it tied up, and oiled with some form of oil would actually reduce the chances of the colors ruining your hair.

Putting some moisturizer or baby oil all over your body will ensure your body stays protected from colors too.

If you are thinking of playing Holi, here’s a chance to wear the unsuitable and boring clothes you have, which you intend to donate or throw away anyway. No one will notice the color of your clothes under the layers of color you will be liberally coated with.

Eating and drinking is fine, but make sure after drinking any kind of intoxicant you stay inside till it wears off. Venturing outside is not a good idea if you are intoxicated.

That’s all folks! Wishing a happy and safe Holi to you and your family!
-Team urbanZing

Our Cool New Facebook App

If you are an UrbanZinger and have recently browsed through our website, you might have seen a little button on our business pages with the words “Checkin” written on it. This is our new Facebook checkin button, here to help you share your night out plans with your friends and family. If you click on the facebook checkin button, a window will appear, where you can put in the date and time you would visit a restaurant(or other business). Before posting it to your wall on Facebook, you can add a personal note to invite others, or just plain let others know where you would be.

The Checkin feature is a Facebook Only service, where our application on Facebook has been created to help you better manage your social life by sharing through our website. You can go visit any business at any time, and let people know about it through your Facebook account. Your friends and family might want to join in, or you might want to inform them informally via this service, or just plain let them about your whereabouts. It is a fun way to keep in touch with your friends on Facebook, and let others know about the places you have been to, or would be going, so that they could go there too and find out about a new place, or revisit an old one.

So Checkin with Facebook via and share some fun with your friends and family!

Go to to start!

For all you Party Animals!

Are you a real party animal? Do you just plain like throwing or attending parties? Or are you new to the party scene and still unsure what to send off and to whom? Well, if you are planning a party, then we have a lovely application that you can use to make your party planning easier, and more fun. If you are planning a party for yourself, or for a friend and want to invite your guests, then this is a really great way to go about it.

First and foremost decide on the guest list and the venue. Whether you want to have your party at home, at a restaurant, a spa, a bowling alley, amusement park …well the possibilities are endless!

Once all that is decided, all you have to do is go to our plan a party tab section at and login. You can create an account or just login with your Facebook, username and password. Then the party page will open up, where you can enter the event title and put it under a category listed there. For example, if you are having an anniversary, then name it accordingly, or if a get together is on your agenda, then name it so. You can make it more fun by uploading an appropriate picture for the event, and then name the host for the event. Then put in the phone number of the host, the location (It can be someones residence, a restaurant, or a club, wherever you want) and its address. Select the date and time of the event, and check in the following details: like whether the invitees can see each other or not, is RSVP required or not, and if you want to receive a copy of the invite. After that, you can enter the message to go with the invitation.

Then move on to the list of people you want to invite and just click on ADD GUEST. You can import your contacts from your e-mail, or put them in separated by commas, one by one, and fill in the details yourself. To import contacts from your email save your party as a draft and click on the Your Account link on the top right corner of the page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on address book. The add to address book link will show up, click on that link to import contacts from your yahoo, hotmail or gmail account. You can also preview a copy before sending, or save the invite for some other time by saving a draft of it. And when you would want to send them, just click on the send button, and Voila! You are done.

Your guests will get a copy of the invite in their e-mail, and they can then check in with the host through the RSVP number provided or through the mail they received.


A walk to remember! (By Miss P. – Team urbanZing)

So yes, the weather is indeed turning cold and it feels so good to wear warm clothes once again. So to enjoy the cold and to celebrate the festive season and to get some much needed Christmas paraphernalia yesterday I went to New market – the only place to go for Christmas shopping in Kolkata. I took along my old friend Gee, and two other buddies who wanted to see how New Market looks during Christmas, and I gladly offered to be their guide. Need less to say the trip involved lots of food and loads of shopping.

Our journey began with a little pre-shopping treat at Mughal Gardens, a branch of Nizam. We tried their Kheeri Kabab, chicken Roll and Bhuna Beef. And of course it was all that we had imaged and more!

I had not come to New Market during Christmas for a long time now, so as we entered the market I realized how crowded New market can be during Christmas! In the center of the market, near the cannon, a huge array of Christmas decorations were being sold, from Christmas trees of all sizes to Christmas ornaments to decorate the trees with, to dancing Santa and Rudolph. On the other side we could see marinated dry fruits, pumpkin petha, mincemeat, nuts and raisins. Being the foodie that I am I just could not resist buying a bag of dry fruits and a small tree (small enough to carry in my bag).

Our next stop was Nahoum’s a Jewish bakery just a few step from the center of the market. Right next to that was Asian Arts and my friend Gee went crazy over the silver jewelry and stoles, and probably would have bought the whole store if it was not me dragging her away from the eager sales men. Our loot: Two pairs of earrings, some beautiful bangles and a scarf. Gee of course could not stop grumbling since she could not buy the rest of the stuff…but she forgot her jewelry and stoles once we entered Nahoum’s. For those who do not know, Nahoum’s has the best cakes, brownies and fudge in the city(or atleast that’s what I think). At Nahoum’s I bought some Marzipan for my Cake and Gee bought a pack of vanilla fudge. So after two more quick stops to buy ingredients for my pot roast and few other awesome bargains from random street vendors we decided to go take a rest at Simpark, right opposite Globe Cinema. By then we were tired and needed to sit down. Yes, shopping and haggling do take up a lot of energy!

It was evening by then, and I could see the beautiful moon, nearly full, rise just beyond the church. The clock struck six and the whole area reverberated with the chime of the church bells, and the noise of the crowd who plodded through the crowded street. My friends took some pictures while I walked around, seeing all sort of people around us, a veritable conglomeration of faces which I will remember only as a mass. People from all walks of life come here to shop for Christmas, amidst the noise and the crowd and strangely enough most of them are not Christians.

Well our night was not over yet! Next we walked down to Free School Street, where Kalman’s awaited me. Kalman’s was founded nearly 80 years back by a Hungarian sailor, and still remain one of the best cold storage in Kolkata. I entered the meat paradise (trust me, it is) and checked out the long list of things they have, including Ox Tongue (for the connoisseurs), Salt Beef (for the ones who like a good stew), Pork Shoulder (for an awesome pot roast), whole turkey(only on order) and Hungarian Sausage (excellent for stews and goulash). If you love Bacon and Ham, then you should see their full fat versions. It is worth salivating on, any day! and yes, I do not believe in Cholesterol control when it comes to Christmas food. After all, it’s one day a year, so why restrain?

But our Christmas walk could not be complete without one more stop: Flury’s of course. So loaded with all our Christmas paraphernalia we walked down to Flury’s for one last food stop before we headed home. This Park street landmark has seen it all, and still serves authentic (well almost authentic) British coffee, pastries and pies. We sat down with cups of coffee a platter of pastries and some meat pies as we went over the day’s adventure! To sum it up we got enough food to feed a king’s troop and enough decorations to decorate two big trees but best of all I got reacquainted with my city in a deep intimate way. An afternoon indeed spent well, I daresay.

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